Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Film Review: Lars and the Real Girl

Am I entertained by the cliché films that Hollywood is rolling out like a manufacturing factory stamping out the perfect recipe for a film? Yes. But I am getting bored of it and need something more. I am on the quest for movies that are not off the assembly line. Big disaster hits, nerdy guy saves girl, girl sees guy for what he really is inside and falls in love. I WANT MORE and something different. More films by Wes Anderson and Tim Burton more films like Lars and the Real Girl.

My eyes were the size of watermelons when I first saw the trailer. I could not wait to get it. I was disappointed that it was a limited release. Although disappointed, inside I was relieved. It is not your mainstream movie; it is something I might actually enjoy. From a new director Craig Gillespie comes a romantic (maybe), feel good (I guess) “ask yourself a lot of questions” type movie. Each scene was well crafted and made its point in a subtle way. Gillespie directs his cast so well that nothing is over-acted, in fact almost under-acted and looks and feels so real. You believe that this is really how people would react.
Ryan Gosling is no longer just a pretty face but is destined to be one of the top male actors in the next 5 years. I loved this film; its unique and risky take on an individuals healing process from boy to man. There is a scene in the movie where Ryan’s character, Lars, ask his older brother how he knew it when he became a man. His brother Gus played by another amazing actor Paul Schneider has such a simple response that makes you want to become a better person. Three cheers for the writer and his simple yet profound words. The wife Karin played by Emily Mortimer and “a town girl” (my way of not giving the story away) Margo played by Kelli Garner fascinated us with the ever so powerful technique that most actors and actresses lack, less is more. I left the movie wanting more. I would say to myself, what other movies are these people in? Two simple and unique thumbs up.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

2nd Annual Halloween Movie

This is the second year I did this. Last year I set up the movie Monster House, this year was Nightmare Before Christmas. I set up chairs for them to sit and watch. I set up a projector onto a screen against the house. I also serve free hot dogs and chili. This year I gave out 50 hot dogs in the first hour and a huge chili pot 30 minutes later. I give it to the adults and with their permission to the kids as well. Next year, I will have to double my stock, I had to turn alot of people away.

Halloween Costumes

Robin, Dragon and Halloween Fairy

Minney Mouse


Avlee and her icey

This smile can get you anything you want.

They think messes like this are funny.

Our three blessings