Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pretty Lipstick

Alee got a princess locket from Paige's birthday party.
Aparantly the locket was a gift that kept on giving. Avlee discovered the purlple lip gloss that was inside the locket and had fun turning herself into a purple person. Fun times!! We know what Paige will be getting for her next birthday...paint and play dough and lipstick and nailpolish. Yeah!!


hansenfive said...

hmmm, that purple stuff only ended up on Nash and a little on Paige's hand...Avlee took it to a whole new level.

She looks like the girl on willy wonka that turns blue.

The Lundblades said...

haha i was just about to say that..the willy wonka bubble gum girl haha, pretty Avlee

Katherin Keddington said...

Candace, Alee is adorable! I found your blog on Hillary W. site. Email me, we should get together with the kids!